Where Should You Retire?

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Retiring is something that is often on people’s minds, no matter where in life you may be. Did you know that some places are definitely better for your budget when it comes to retirement planning rockland county ny? Here is a quick list of locations that you may want to consider when it comes to retirement and what things you want to be able to enjoy during that time.

Durham, North Carolina: Home of Duke University, this town is very friendly toward its older residents. The University offers special classes for retirees, the exposure to culture is great (ranging from concerts to art collections and more). While North Carolina’s taxes can be a bit taxing, it’s still not enough to thwart most retirees from considering this area.

Hanover, New Hampshire:  Although it can be incredibly cold and snowy during the winter, New England is still a popular location for retirees to live, even if it’s only during the mild summers. Hanover is only an hour from premiere skiing, kayaking, and other fun activities for people who love the outdoors.

Fayetteville, Arkansas: Arkansas and other southern states offer retirees several things that many of them desire: warm climates, small towns, friendly people (and with that, a lower crime rate), good food, and low costs of living, Throw in a great affinity toward the arts and education and a really pretty place to boot? Fayetteville is an awesome place to live.

Boise, Idaho: Idaho isn’t only great for potatoes. Retirees can find a cozy home in Boise. The housing in Boise is relatively inexpensive (the median house cost was just over $140,000 in 2010), and the crime rate, which is a big deal for most retirees, is incredibly low. Boise State, like Duke, loves its retirees, and offers lifelong learning classes and recreational activities geared toward their local population of older adults.